How can I get in touch if I have additional questions on your quotes and service?2019-01-16T22:32:33+00:00

If you have any other questions then you are welcome to visit us at our office in Sawbridgeworth. You can also call us on 07956 205 920 or send an email to info@haley-carpentry.co.uk. Our contact details can also be found here. After you have sent an email, please allow up to three working days for a response.

Do you use your own fitters?2019-01-16T22:33:21+00:00

Yes. We prefer to have our own team handle this part of the process as they are invested in ensuring the transport, unpacking and assembly of the furniture is done to the highest possible standards. Because of their experience, they are sufficiently trained to sort out any problems that may arise on site.

If the furniture is special order to a destination beyond our normal area of operation, then it may be more economical for you to find a local fitter or builder to put it in. In such cases, we will simply handle the shipping.

How much do you charge for your services?2019-01-16T22:33:48+00:00

This varies according to the size of the job and client requirements. After we have carried out an onsite survey and consultation, we will provide you with a quote. This is free of charge. You are under no obligation to contract us but feel free to compare our prices with other service providers.

We have made every effort to ensure our prices are fair and competitive in the current market. Remember that the quotes are only valid for three months due to fluctuations in the cost of materials. If you decide to contract us after the quote expires, we will need to provide an updated quote.

Will I have to leave my home when you are doing renovations?2019-01-16T22:34:11+00:00

This will depend on the kind of work we are doing and if you can manage with limited or no access to certain parts of your home. When installing furniture in the kitchen, we may need to disconnect the power and water. If you can manage without these then you may not need to vacate. If works are extensive or, for example you have an allergy to dust, then it would be better to keep away until work is completed.

Don’t worry about mess; we cover up other furniture and vacuum any debris generated by the work. Your room will be clean once we are done.

What after sales service do you offer?2019-01-16T22:34:30+00:00

After you have received your furniture, we will advise you on how to best take care of it. The three-year guarantee also entitles you to call us in case there is a need for repairs, which will be carried out free of charge, assuming the damage was not a result from misuse.

How long does it take for you to finish fitting my furniture?2019-01-16T22:34:51+00:00

Once you have placed an order and paid the deposit, it shouldn’t take more than two to three weeks for the furniture to be made. This time allows for delivery of the materials and for our carpenters and joiners to do their work. Once ready, we will call you to set a time when the furniture can be delivered and installed.

Depending on the number of pieces, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days for the furniture to be properly fitted and finishing touches made. For this stage of the process, we ask that you be present so that you can ensure the fitting is to your satisfaction and sign off on final delivery.

Do you have a stock of furniture that is ready-made?2019-01-16T22:35:10+00:00

We do have a few pieces of furniture that are ready. This is usually a result of a client being unable to make payment and abandoning the furniture. If you are interested, we can show you what is in our store and confirm if it will fit your needs.

I am interested in using pine wood for my kitchen. Can you manage that?2019-01-16T22:35:40+00:00

Indeed, we can. We always take client preferences into account and source materials upon payment of the deposit. We have lots of experience working with various types of woods, matte finish and high gloss materials and can assure you of our excellent workmanship. We also take great care in sourcing high quality materials from reputable vendors.

Whatever kind of timber you are interested in for your furniture, let us know and we will confirm its availability and price. If too expensive, we will be able to advise you on suitable alternatives that are cheaper but still offer a similar appearance and finish.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it?2019-01-16T22:36:04+00:00

Because the work we do is tailored to fit customer specifications, we do not accept cancellations once work has begun. Changes are also not allowed as this interferes with the billing. If it is additional work that you want done, then we will supply you with a new quote for the extra work, separate from the on-going project.

Is there a guarantee on your work and how long does it last?2019-01-16T22:36:34+00:00

Yes. Our bespoke work is guaranteed for up to three years and only applies to new work. Should there be damage to the furniture during this time, please call us and we will send someone to inspect and carry out repairs. We are proud to say that in reality, this is not usually necessary thanks to the outstanding quality of materials and workmanship. Repair work does not come with a guarantee.

If you are intending to move and would like to use your old furniture in your new home, we can consult with you and provide a quote on how much it would cost to dismantle, adjust and reassemble the furniture in your new house.

How much do you charge for deliveries?2019-01-16T22:36:56+00:00

Delivery is free for clients within a 65-kilometre radius of our workshop. If your home or business is beyond this distance, we will inform you of the charge and indicate it in the quote.

My budget is small. Can you help me?2019-01-16T22:37:16+00:00

This depends on the kind of work you need done and the materials needed. During consultation we will discuss prices and if the quote comes in over your budget, we can discuss which areas to compromise. Once the project has begun, we hold to the prices in your quote with no unexpected, extra costs. If you order additional work, a separate quote and invoice will be issued for this.

I have readymade furniture and want adjustments made for use in my new home. Can you do this?2019-01-16T22:37:44+00:00

Quality of readymade furniture varies greatly and not all can be worked on safely. We will need to see the furniture first before making any recommendations. Call us to arrange a visit or bring the furniture to our premises and we will provide you with a quote if working on it is possible.

How do I know what the end result will look like?2019-01-16T22:38:11+00:00

We will work with you to create design drawings of what the final work should look like. The drawings will depict your vision for your furniture. You can also take a look at our gallery to see if there is a certain item there similar to what we are building for you.

Do you have sample designs I can choose from?2019-01-16T22:38:32+00:00

Yes. Aside from the pictures we have available on this website, we have a substantial sample portfolio of our previous works at our premises. During consultation we will take your idea and provide you with samples of similar work we have already completed to narrow down the specifics. If you have seen a picture of furniture that you feel is best suited to your needs then we will be happy to see it so that we can start work on it immediately.

I am interested in your services. Do you have a branch in my area?2019-01-16T22:38:56+00:00

We are based in Hertfordshire and serve the area and its surrounding suburbs including Essex, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and parts of Greater London. If you are not sure that you are within our region, you can call us and confirm whether we can visit your location.

We can work with a builder from your area to prepare furniture that we have made and have it transported to them for installation.

Do you require a deposit, and if so how much?2019-01-16T22:39:20+00:00

We require a minimum deposit of 30% at the beginning of every work assignment. The deposit covers the cost of materials to be used on the project. The figure may be higher if there are materials that need to be specially ordered, which we will discuss with you as necessary.

The deposit also serves as a firm commitment for work to proceed, allowing us to schedule your project into our calendar of work and give you an expected date of completion. Once work has been completed, we require the remaining balance to be paid immediately.

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